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Richard Rice - 0407 251 415

Email - richardr.75@hotmail.com

Redcliffe Rd, CARDUP WA 6122 (map below)

A Big Thank you to the following people -

Ray and Wendy Rice - For all of your love, full support always, help and guidance in making it possible for us to achieve our dreams. Ray for all of your "IDEAS" and becoming the chief curator, keep that lawn green and smart please. The biggest thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Rob and Angela Stewart - (Pro-One Pumps and Service) "Dad"for the tireless days and nights you have put in for Allaspects Equestrian from building stables, reticulating the property, to installing those damm' drinker's..... and everything else in between.. Without you we could not of achieved all we have. Thank you so very much. With love Rob & Rich.

Scott McIntyre - Thanks mate for your world class rendering and making the stables the fantastic statement they are, thanks.

Jude and Greg Cavanagh - For all of your help, guidance, ideas and development ideas with our property we would have struggled without good old "freddy", thank you for being great neighbours and good friends.

Mick Daly - (Daly and Shaw Building Company) Thanks Mick for the quality products and advice with our buildings and development, Thank you.

Nadene Merewether - Richard would like to offer a huge personal thank you for of your help, guidance, advice, and training over the past 5 years, your never ending knowledge, faultless ability and willingness to help is a true credit to you, I am honoured to be a part of your welath of experience and instructed by you, thank you.

Joe Paulsen - Thanks mate for the long days you have put in helping us with the hard yards, the rubbers heavy isn't it... Thank you so very much.

Paula Sparre - (Hi Shine Equine) Paula, for your wonderful quality products, the absolutely brilliant photography and graphic design, words just cannot express our true thanks.

Helen and Ben Newland - Thank you for your wonderful friendship, Ben for the rubber and tractor hire!! Helen STOP buying horses.... But truly all you have done for us, the support over the years has been so very much appreciated and we say a HUGE thank you.

Wayne McNally - For all of your time and expertise in arena design and construction, resulting in the magnificent arena surface we have today.

Greg Brandt - (Brandt's Drilling) Greg for the fabulous drinking quality bore water you achieved for us at Allaspects Equestrian and your professional advice and service every time. P.S Do you have any more bore casing.. Thanks a heap.

Clare Matsen - (Matsen's Have-a-Chat) "Biebs" Thanks for the countless hours over the years yo have put in behind the computer screen assisting with ad's, promotions, blurbs, your professional touches and wording go along way. Thanks "Justin".

Martin Spibey - Mart for the supply of the rubber belting, do you have any more.... !! A huge thanks, we have been able to create the safest of environments for all horses and without you this would not have been possible.

Trent Wadson - (Wadson's Electrical) Your work has always been conducted on a truly professional level and at a top standard, Allaspects Equestrian says a big thanks.

Matt Daly - (Allaspects Equestrian) For being our number one employee. And employee of the month over and over, a huge thanks Matty' your personal drive and work ethic mean a great deal to us. Without you on board the days and weeks would be a struggle. A huge thank you from the both of us.

Suzie Kennedy - (Show Ring Classifieds) for helping us with this superb website and continuous support with photos, artwork & friendship!

Bunnings Australia - For costing me lots of money!!!!!

Armadale Steel - For the supply of quality steel products and friendly reliable service, enabling us to create the safest possible fencing and stabling solutions for horse comfort and safety.

Robyn Malourey and Barry Schrivner - (Black Swan Winery & Restaurant) For you r wonderful friendship, business support and supply of beautiful wines and first class food, we at Allaspects Equestrian highly recommend a visit or three... Thanks to you both.

Leigh Green - Dear Leigh, Leigh "Can you make up the feeds please" Thanks Leigh for all your help and laughs look forward to many more of them.. I'll do the feeds!!

Mark - (Mark's Auto Electrics) For the quality and faultless workmanship and service you have carried out for us over the years. As well as saving us on the long voyage across our great country with our equine friends! your the best, a big thanks.

April Graham - We haven't forgotten you little April, thanks for the time you spent with us. Would have you back any time, P.S no more Red Bull....... Thanks

Further Richard and Rob of Allaspects Equestrian would like to thank all of our past and current clients for their continued support and business, we look forward to the future with new and exciting developments on the way. Thank you to you all for being a pleasure to deal with as well as the fun and laughter we have along the way. Thanks'

Thank you to the following honoured sponsors;

Saddles Plus Byford - info@saddleplus.com.au
Nature Vet - www.ceva.com.au
Milne Feeds - www.milne.com.au/pegasus.html
Hi-Shine Equine - www.hishine.net.au
Lyndham Park Browbands
Byford Accountants - www.byfordaccountants.com.au
Show Ring Classifieds – www.showringclassifieds.com.au

And thank you to all those whom have contributed in some way or another, you know who you are and we say thanks.